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Lloyds TSB and Barclays banks no longer allow UK citizens to transfer money to Cuba A friend of mine, Mike Mirecki, who operates the UK travel agency "Cuba Welcome" was told last week by his London branch of Lloyds TSB that he, and all their customers, are no longer be allowed to transfer UK British Pounds Sterling to Cuba. He has since discovered that Barclays Bank now has the same policy. ---
I guess it might be because, according to the FT, Barclays and Lloyds TSB are being investigated by US authorities for potential violations of sanctions against Iran, Libya, Cuba and Sudan.

The US justification for defying 16 UN resolutions requiring it to end its embargo of Cuba is that "the decision to trade with other countries is a bilateral issue not appropriate for discussion by the UN General Assembly" (see a previous post).

How is it "bilateral" that US Treasury regulations means that now British people can not use British banks to send British pounds to wherever they want?

Cuba Trade & Investment News on banks forced by US to drop Cuba in 2006 (PDF)

Last weekend, and very much prompted by the above breach of UK sovereignty and our freedoms, I joined up to be an active member of the Liberal Democrats. I guess this disgraceful case of US bullying was the final straw that broke my back of relative passiveness, submissiveness and tolerance; but I hope not my liberalness.

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