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Financial risks and increased protectionism will damage America's business environment over the next five years The Economist Intelligence Unit business environment rankings forecast till December 2008 says, as its opening remark:

The comparative attractiveness of America's business environment is set to decline over the next five years as a result of mounting financial and macroeconomic risks, increased protectionism, security concerns and strained international relations. The Economist Intelligence Unit's business environment rankings for 2008-12 show America falling to ninth position, the lowest the country has placed since the launch of the business environment rankings in 1997.

US and Cuba Business Environment Rankings

If you are a US American I strongly recommend you read the full Economist analysis and start seriously lobbying your government to rethink its policy on Cuba. The later country is the exact same size as England but a hell of a lot closer. They are crying out for your products. What better time than now for the US to have a whole new market to sell too. Most other countries would conclude "what lucky buggers" to have Cuba right on the doorstep. ---
I am not suggesting the US swamp Cuba, this beautiful unspoilt country, with unnecessary rubbish they don't need but there are basic stuff they have been deprived of (at world competitive prices) for such a long time. For example the US embargo has always deprived Cuba of an undersea internet cable. All Cuba's international internet access has to come via satellite, which is extremely expensive, which is the prime reason that bandwidth has to be strictly rationed even to foreign tourists and businesses.

AND just in case nobody told you, the Cuban Revolution of 1959 was a popular uprising to get rid of the brutal dictator, Batista. To this day the vast majority of Cubans love Fidel Castro with all their heart, and if Cuba wasn't in a state of war with the US (not of their choosing) and Fidel Castro stood for re-election in true and free elections, he would win hands down.

If the US wants to get richer, to influence Cuba's future and want the best for its people, the smartest and kindest way is to trade with them and normalise relations.

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