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British Travel Agent Cuba Websites/Domains/Assets Frozen by US Government Extracts from The New York Times published on 5th March 2008:

Steve Marshall is an English travel agent. He lives in Spain, and he sells trips to Europeans who want to go to sunny places, including Cuba. In October, about 80 of his Web sites stopped working, thanks to the United States government. ---
The sites, in English, French and Spanish, had been online since 1998. Some, like, were literary. Others, like, discussed Cuban history and culture. Still others — and — were purely commercial sites aimed at Italian and French tourists.

Mr. Marshall’s Web sites had been put on a Treasury Department blacklist and, as a consequence, his American domain name registrar, eNom Inc., had disabled them. Mr. Marshall said eNom told him it did so after a call from the US Treasury Department.

But Mr. Marshall’s case does not appear to be one of mistaken identity. The government quite specifically intended to interfere with his business.

New York Times' full story

The US stated on 30th October 2007 to the UN General Assembly its embargo of Cuba "is a bilateral issue and, as such, should not come before the UN General Assembly" (see previous post). Is this statement really true if the US Treasury is stopping a British person publishing information about Cuba, and also preventing him from doing business with British holidaymakers, and without any explanation?

Last March, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights issued a disturbing report on the OFAC list. Its subtitle: How a Treasury Department Terrorist Watch List Ensnares Everyday Consumers.

The disgraceful US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control overview of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations

Today I joined Amnesty International. I think we will need them more and more the way things are going.

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