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A GO GREEN free FUN amateur social community radio station platform
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A proposed Charter for havana.radio Amateur Community Radio Club

To create a platform where members can share their music, thoughts, and ideas to inspire worldwide and local change aimed at protecting the natural world and its biodiversity.
  1. To provide a space for members to broadcast and share their music and verbal content focused on environmental protection, conservation, and sustainable living.
  2. To foster a sense of community and collaboration among members with the aim of creating positive change locally and globally.
  3. To amplify the voices and ideas of individuals passionate about preserving the natural world and its biodiversity.
  4. To have fun
  1. To provide a platform for members to create and broadcast radio content including music, spoken word, interviews, and discussions related to environmental protection and conservation.
  2. To encourage members to explore and share diverse perspectives and solutions for addressing environmental challenges through their broadcasts.
  3. To collaborate with local organizations and initiatives focused on environmental protection and conservation to amplify their efforts and reach a wider audience.
Guiding Principles:
  1. Inclusivity: havana.radio is open to all members regardless of their background, race, gender, or age, as long as they align with the values of environmental preservation and conservation.
  2. Empowerment: Encourage and support members to use their broadcasts to inspire positive action and change within their local communities.
  3. Integrity: All content broadcasted on havana.radio should align with the club's mission and values, promoting respectful and constructive dialogue on environmental issues.
Membership to havana.radio is open to individuals who support the mission and vision of the club. Members are encouraged to actively participate by creating and sharing their radio content, as well as engaging with and supporting fellow members.
Code of Conduct: Members of havana.radio are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes respect, inclusivity, and positive collaboration within the club and the broader community. Any actions or content that promote discrimination, hate speech, or disrespect towards the environment and its biodiversity are strictly prohibited.